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About us

On average, our customers:

  • Have 10% fewer accidents
  • Use 15% less fuel
  • Save their businesses significant amounts on their insurance bills

By investing in our defensive driver training and fleet management programmes, you can join the likes of John Lewis and Pertemps - to name but two - and reduce your costs, while improving your safety record significantly.

Advanced driver training Birmingham
Advanced driver training Birmingham

Latest News

  • The Government is being urged to ban all mobile phone use by drivers as new evidence finds talking on a hands-free phone can be just as distracting as using a hand-held mobile.

  • Our fleet customers are still able to take advantage of subsidised Eco-driving courses approved by the Energy Saving Trust.

  • South Korean electronics company Samsung has recently begun trialling rear-mounted video screens on the back of its trucks to allow safe overtaking.

  • Blue Light Aware is a short video, produced on behalf of the emergency services. Their crews rely on the help of other road users when they're on a 'blue light' journey.

  • You MUST NOT drive under the influence of drugs or medicine. For medicines, check with your doctor or pharmacist and do not drive if you are advised that you may be impaired.

  • Around 700 drivers have been caught speeding in just two months by new speed cameras on M25.

  • We are now pleased to offer fleet customers subsidised Eco-driving courses approved by the Energy Saving Trust

  • Around 60% of fatalities occur on country roads but drivers are seemingly oblivious to the risks, according to Think! which is launching a new campaign to raise awareness among drivers.

Advanced driver training Birmingham
Advanced driver training Birmingham

Testimonials Advanced driver training Birmingham

Advanced driver training Birmingham
  • May I take this opportunity to thank Advanced Driver Services (ADS), on behalf of Acumen drivers at the St. Helens Depot and also myself. Both Alan and Denis were very professional and carried out the training to an excellent standard.

    Adrian, Contracts Manager, Acumen

  • I always considered myself to be a reasonably competent driver but my time with Denis made me realise just how little I knew and how much money I was wasting! I now drive with more confidence, arrive at my destination feeling fresher and more alert and have improved my fuel efficiency by about 5 mpg. I would recommend Advanced Driver Services to anybody who drives on business.

    Graham – Henry Graham Ltd

  • I gained a lot from those four hours; many of the points you raised have embedded themselves into my brain, especially the points that I hadn't previously thought about. Consequently, I find myself driving with an inner voice, & being critical with myself (I'm nearly always alone). I wouldn't boast that I've lost all old bad habits, but I certainly haven't forgotten what you taught me. It was enjoyable, & valuable, & I'd recommend you to anyone interested.

    David - Yapp Design

  • I wasn't expecting it to be for the whole day, but glad that it was as undoubtedly I underestimated how much can be learnt about advanced driving. Denis is an excellent instructor.

    P Poyntz - St Jude Medical

  • As an HR professional it is extremely important to my clients that their businesses run smoothly and effectively. They appreciate the right advice at the right time that helps them to be cost effective but also ensures the safety of their employees at all times. The training, advice and support provided by ADS Ltd ensures that the Company can spend less time worrying about these kind of issues and focus on what it does best. I would not hesitate in recommending ADS Ltd to all HR’s out there whether they have a fleet of just one or two Company vehicles or hundreds to manage.

    Sue – Action HR

  • Acumen Distribution Limited has developed a training partnership with ADS over the last few years, and we have found ADS to be very responsive and flexible in providing training solutions tailored around our specific requirements.

    Sue Preston, HR Manager, Acumen Distribution Limited

  • Good balance of theory and practice. The session confirmed to me what I was doing well and where further improvements could be made. Many improvements have since resulted from the session and I would now like to take the Advanced Test. BM


  • I had an excellent day and the instruction that was given has opened my eyes to a less stressful and safer way of driving.


Advanced driver training Birmingham