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Fleet Management

Many businesses will have a designated fleet manager; others will have one by default, perhaps without the same level of specialist knowledge, but with just as much responsibility.

If your job role includes the management and performance of fleets, logistics or vehicles, the chances are that you will be left to deal with the vehicles as well as the aftermath of any accidents that people working for you have.

Having a driver training programme in place not only saves the human toll of accidents – and the cost to your business of people taking time off to recover – but also delivers major savings to your business.

Advanced Driver Services has a track record of driving down costs – in the range of 10% - for businesses through:

  • Lower fuel costs
  • A significant reduction in maintenance
  • Cheaper insurance premiums in the years after training is completed
  • Keeping your vehicles on the road, not in the repair shop.

Advanced Driver Services covers all vehicle categories, from cars up to heavy trucks. It keeps fleet manager clients up to date with training requirements, changes to regulations and record keeping responsibilities - as well as a checklist of what to do in case one of your drivers does have an accident.

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