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"Advanced Driver Services - committed to improving road safety through driver education and compliance with best practice and the law."

Advanced Driver Services - Our core team of top quality specialists coverer the range of skills required to deliver comprehensive fleet driver training. Additional team players and specialists complete the line up as and when required to meet customers’ specific needs.

Managing Director Denis Hale (himself a DVSA Fleet Registered ADI Grade A), is keen to add new skills plus additional members to the team in order that both on-road and classroom based courses are fully supported by appropriately qualified instructors.  "There is an on-going need to up-skill and refresh core skills to meet the needs of clients through additional services, such as Driver CPC for example.  I intend to make sure we are in a strong position and able to deliver a first class product every time".  This means our instructors have to be up to date not only with driver training knowledge and skills, but also with the vehicles that our clients expect us to be familiar with.

Revised training techniques and knowledge updates are therefore included in our instructor skill set as soon as possible on a regular basis.  Within the industry the 'GDE Matrix' is seen as in important framework to work around, and as you might expect we have embraced the concept.  For skills training to produce the desired result, the skills must be applied in conjunction with the driver having the correct attitude and be using the correct tools (vehicles etc.) for the task in hand.

The ultimate goal is to always meet our clients goals for both their staff and their business.







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