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Driver Training Services

By engaging Advanced Driver Services, you optimise the efficiency and effectiveness of anyone who drives for you.

Safety must be the core of any business and especially on the road.

That means learning - and using - core defensive driving techniques, most of them generic but some specific to certain vehicles. All our training is based on the advanced driving principles used by the police.

Safer driving is also cheaper driving. Organisations that successfully implement driver training reap the rewards in lower fuel, maintenance and insurance costs.

We adapt our training to your specific needs – from defensive driving to full advanced standard – across any vehicle class from cars to HGVs, vans to buses and coaches and anywhere in the UK.

Your specific needs are identified through a two-stage process – an initial ‘fact find’ to identify the overall range of services you require followed by a driver assessment of your individual drivers to gauge their overall level skill and their driving attitude, with training then matched to those needs.

That may well see the issuing of a Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) if appropriate for any category of professional commercial driver.

Nor does the relationship between your business and Advanced Driver Services stop when the formal training ends. You will receive relevant updates on constantly changing training requirements.

And by investing in this training, you can also use in the discharge your obligations to provide a duty of care under the corporate manslaughter regulations.

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