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Advanced Car Driving

Whether your employees are driving your cars or their own on company business, you need them to be at their best.

Our services are designed to:

  • Optimise the efficiency, effectiveness and safety of corporate car drivers
  • Improve the skills of specialist driving professionals
  • Sharpen individuals’ driving skills.

Fleet services help fleet managers optimise the efficiency and safety of their corporate car drivers. Typical course content covers defensive driving, advanced driving; UK familiarisation (for overseas drivers) and pre-employment assessments.

The scope of specialist driving services for professional drivers includes chauffeuring skills, and 4x4 off-road driving skills.

Individual services encompass areas such as defensive driving; advanced driving; confidence building and motorway familiarisation for new drivers or those who seldom use motorways.

We also help organisations to meet their regulatory responsibilities and ADS can tailor courses to meet your specific requirements.

We also now offer short eco-driving courses subsidised and approved by the Energy Saving Trust (EST), but hurry whilst stocks last as they say!

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