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Advanced Van Driving

Van drivers - ‘white van man’ in particular – may not have enjoyed the best of images.

A programme of training with Advanced Driver Services can continue to reverse this view, improve efficiency and cut costs, offering a tangible return on your investment.  We currently offer short eco-driving courses subsidised and approved by the Energy Saving Trust (EST) for vans up to 3,500kg MAM.

Your vans carry your reputation as well as your goods and people, particularly if they also carry your corporate signage.

Relatively simple steps such as improving delivery schedule efficiency, combined with effective driver training, can have a significant impact.

Fleet services help fleet managers optimise safety and efficiency. Among the areas covered are defensive and advanced driving, UK familiarisation for overseas drivers and pre-employment assessments to gauge the skills of prospective employees.

Individual services help individuals improve their skills. These include defensive driving; advanced driving (leading to a recognised qualification); confidence building for nervous drivers; and motorway familiarisation.

Advanced Driver Services tailors courses to meet specific requirements. It also helps businesses meet their regulatory responsibilities.

CPC services.  Remember, if you are running vehicles of 3.5 tonnes or over OR operate minibuses with 9 seats or more for hire and reward, Driver CPC applies to you!

Affected drivers need to complete a minimum of 35 hours of periodic training every five years.  Our courses will help to ensure you meet this requirement.  Contact us or click here for full details.

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